Landscape Services

Landscapes and gardens can offer a lot besides just pleasing aesthetics. The options are endless when designing or renovating landscapes to be based on ecological principles and you start including edible and medicinal plants! The various pieces come together through design and plant selection to create a functional space that has multiple, layered values. Having a beautiful, useful landscape doesn’t need to take all your time away..

Management Plans

A good plan is always helpful. Management plans will help identify plants and various components of the landscape you are working with and the best way to manage those to get the results you would like.

  • Assess the landscape
  • Identify plant species
  • Reduce shade and wind resistance
  • Create a plan of action for the best results

Low Maintenance Gardens

These spaces are designed to mimic patterns and relationships found in nature. By considering all the interacting factors: sun, soil, water, air, insects, animals, and people, they are designed to thrive once established. By arranging pieces in a fashion that allows the proper relationships to develop, a low-maintenance garden is created. The principles of nature and ecosystems take over and build a resistant and resilient system. These designs take advantage of the inherent checks and balances of biodiversity in an ecosystem. By returning these roles to nature that we have unnecessarily assumed we make a subtle adjustment to our relationship with nature. We participate, rather than attempt to control. Our goal is to create a unified, ecologically sound landscape.

Excluded Services

  • Lawn service (mow, edge, seed)
  • Leaf cleanup
  • Weeding
  • Irrigation
  • Water features
  • Large hard scapes (we will do small, simple installs)
  • Lighting

Reasons to Hire a Landscape Professional

Hiring a landscape professional ensures expert guidance in designing and maintaining a visually appealing and sustainable outdoor space. Their knowledge of plants, soil conditions, and design principles leads to efficient project execution and long-term value enhancement for your property.

By hiring a landscape professional, clients can save time and avoid the challenges associated with planning, sourcing materials, and executing the project themselves. Professionals often have access to a network of trusted suppliers, ensuring high-quality materials and skilled labor, leading to a smoother and more efficient implementation process.

What Can We Help With?

Given our holistic approach to landscape management, we have a unique scope of services that includes both arborist and landscaping services.

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